Fuel economy with Brown gasScientific Research

Fuel economy with Brown gas

Against the backdrop of ever-rising fuel prices, it’s only logical that you’re looking for a way to save money and drive your car economically. You are confused in your choice, because there is no shortage of products and technologies with a “proven” effect. For now, there is no known cheap and environmentally friendly hydrogen fuel on the world market.

HHO generator and what is it for?

“BROWN’S GAS GENERATOR” is a new, revolutionary technology that: The efficiency of DHG increases The combustion of fuel – the air mixture is improved Increases the torque of DVG 5% – 8%

As a result of the improved combustion, the harmful emissions in the exhaust gases are reduced up to 3 times. Reduced soot build-up in DPF/FAT and EGR by up to 3x Increase up to 2 times the mileage between 2 oil changes,

Enables fuel savings of up to 20%, Increase engine life, For cars with the DPF filter removed, the level of harmful emissions is the same as Euro 5 Brown’s Gas (Generators) The Brown’s Gas Generator (HHO gas) or, as it is popular in Bulgaria, “Hydrogen Generator”, is used for the production of gas, which is an additive to the fuel, accelerating the fuel combustion process –

the air mixture in the engine cylinders. The resulting effect of better combustion is an increase in engine power and significant fuel economy. It is possible to increase the mileage by up to 50% with the same amount of fuel.

The hydrogen generator (HHO generator) is designed for any type of LPG powered by gasoline, diesel, propane-butane or methane.

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