Hydrogen to patients with colon cancerScientific Research

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Fereshteh Asgharzadeh, Alex Tarnava, Asma Mostafapour, Majid Khazaei, Tyler W LeBaron Fereshteh Asgharzadeh, Majid Khazaei, Катедра по физиология, Факултет по медицина, Университет по медицински науки Машхад, Машхад 9177899191, Иран

Алекс Търнава, Drink HRW, Ню Уестминстър, BC V3j0b6 Канада Асма Мостафапур, Катедра по медицинска генетика и молекулярна медицина, Медицински факултет, Университет по медицински науки Машхад, Машхад 9177899191, Иран

Tyler W LeBaron, Център по експериментална медицина, Институт за изследване на сърцето на Словашката академия на науките, Братислава 984104, Словакия Тайлър У. Лебарън, Катедра по кинезиология и отдих на открито, Университет на Южна Юта, UT 84720, САЩ Tyler W LeBaron, Биологични изследвания, Molecular Hydrogen Institute, UT 84721, Съединени щати Tyler W LeBaron, катедра по физически науки, Southern Utah University, UT 84720, Съединени щати

ORCID номер: Fereshteh Asgharzadeh ( 0000-0002-8349-3722 ); Алекс Търнава ( 0000-0002-0796-5345 ); Асма Мостафапур ( 0000-0001-8337-2827 ); Маджид Хазаи ( 0000-0002-8257-2699 ); Тайлър У. Лебарън ( 0000-0001-9164-6728 ).

DOI: 10.4251

Published on: 15/06/2023

Hydrogen-rich water exerts anti-tumor effects comparable to 5-fluorouracil in a colorectal cancer xenograft model

Hydrogen-rich water exerts anti-tumor effects comparable to 5-fluorouracil in a colorectal cancer xenograft model<br/ ><br/ >Asgharzadeh F, Tarnava A, Mostafapour A, Khazaei M, LeBaron TW. Hydrogen-rich water exerts anti-tumor effects comparable to 5-fluorouracil in a colorectal cancer xenograft model. World J Gastrointest Oncol 2022; 14(1): 242-252 [PMID: 35116114 DOI: 10.4251/wjgo.v14.i1.242]

Fereshteh Asgharzadeh, Alex Tarnava, Asma Mostafapour, Majid Khazaei, Tyler W LeBaron


Colorectal cancer (CRC) is the third leading cause of cancer-related death worldwide. Tumor resection remains the first-line treatment of choice; however, effective non-surgical intervention remains a high priority. 5-Fluorouracil (5-FU) is a widely used chemotherapeutic drug, and molecular hydrogen (H2) is known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, and studies have pointed to its potential antitumor effects. Therefore, H2 dissolved in water [hydrogen-rich water (HRW)] with or without 5-FU may act as a new therapeutic agent for CRC.


To investigate the effect of HRW (with or without 5-FU) as a novel therapeutic agent for CRC.


CRC was induced in the left flank of inbred Balb/c mice. 24 tumor mice were randomly divided into 4 groups (n=6 in each group), and the treatment methods were as follows: (1) control group; (2) 5-FU group, intraperitoneal injection of 5-FU (5 mg/kg) every other day; ( 3) H2 group, the tablet that produces H2 is dissolved in animal drinking water to produce HRW administration, the same gavage administration of 200 μl; (4) combined group H2 (administration mode is the same as group three) combined administration with 5-FU The same way as group two.


Administration of HRW + 5-FU significantly improved tumor weight, tumor size, collagen content, and fibrosis compared with CRC controls. Specifically, HRW attenuated oxidative stress (OS) and enhanced antioxidant activity (AA), whereas 5-FU treatment exacerbated OS and attenuated AA. Compared with 5-FU alone, the combination of HRW + 5-FU significantly reduced tumor weight and size, and decreased collagen deposition and fibrosis grade, while further increasing OS and decreasing AA.


Administration of HRW, with or without 5-FU, can be used as a therapeutic agent for the treatment of CRC.



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