AEM Electrolyser
EL 4.1

Plug & Play AEM electrolyser
that turns renewable electricity and water into
low-cost Green Hydrogen.

EL 4.1 Eelectrolysers
cover all hydrogen needs

Our rack-mountable modular electrolysers provide easy service and control.

Like solar panels, you can deploy single modules for smaller green hydrogen needs or reach megawatt production capacity by combining many electrolysers.

Elektrolyzer EL 4.0 (Green H2 Bulgaria)

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We are pleased to announce our new AEM Electrolyser version: EL 4.1.

This new version incorporates a reduction in weight, an increase in warm-up speed and improved reliability, all achieved without compromising performance or efficiency.

Available to order now and already in production, the EL 4.1 builds on the design of its predecessor, the EL 4.0, with the following key improvements:

  • 2.1 % less power consumption (about 50W less);
  • Reduction of total weight by 0.5kg (1.2%);
  • Warm-up time reduced by about 13.5 minutes (30% less);
  • Reduced temperature of the O2 vent outlet interface (max 55°C) makes system integration easier.

AEM Electrolyser EL 4.1
Technical Documentation

Specifications / Key

Scalable and modular
Safe work
Quick and easy installation
Low maintenance requirements
Production speed
500 NL/h or 1.0785 kg/24h
Purity of hydrogen
99.9% (or > 99.999% with optional dryer)

Outlet pressure
Up to 35 bars
Water specification
<20 µS/cm (at 25°C)
Module dimensions
W:482mm L:635mm H:266mm
Unit weight (without water)
37.5 kg

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The AEM Multicore
Produce Megawatt-Scale Green Hydrogen. Simply. Rapidly. Anywhere.

AEM Multicore uses many electrolysers creating a more elastic and reactive system that operates at optimal efficiency regardless of the applied load. Save money compared to similarly sized PEM electrolysers while maximizing green hydrogen production with water.

Green H2 Bulgaria Multicore

AEM Multicore Specifications

Production Rate
210 Nm³/h

Hydrogen Purity
99.9% (or > 99.999% with optional Dryer)

Outlet Pressure
up to 35 bar

Outlet Pressure
up to 35 bar

Module dimensions (W x L x H)
2.438 m x 12.192 m x 2.591 m

Module weight (without water)
approx. 30 t

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Green Hydrogen Application

Renewable energy storage for developers, utilities and communities. Optimize variable renewables with green hydrogen storage for grid balancing, microgrids, constrained power and green gas delivery. Unlock power-to-X, power-to-gas, commercial supply, heating and cooling use cases.

Industrial applications replacing gray hydrogen and natural gas. Use it to produce environmentally friendly ammonia, as a carrier gas for semiconductors, in blast furnaces for pure steel production, renewable methanol, biofuel and biogas production, and in glass annealing or as a chemical feedstock.

Hydrogen refueling stations for private FCEV fleets or commercial users. With our AEM Multicore, you can easily replace gray hydrogen fueling, enable the transition from vehicles with conventional internal combustion engines, or make your own synthetic fuels and e-fuels.

Energy self-sufficiency for businesses and institutions. Use green hydrogen to unlock backup power, replace polluting diesel generators, explore H2 solutions and energy independence, become fully energy self-sufficient, and unlock both domestic and decentralized micro-grids.

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Green Hydrogen is obtained by electrolysis of water, and the electricity for its production is from Renewable Energy.

This is the future of Hydrogen Technology and we are proud to be a part of it!


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Green H2 Bulgaria » Proud Member of Hydrogen Europe and ECHA

Hydrogen Technologies is the only Bulgarian company member of “Hydrogen Europe” and “European Clean Hydrogen Alliance”

Hydrogen Europe is the European association that represents the interests of the hydrogen industry and its stakeholders and promotes hydrogen as a factor for a zero-emission society. With more than 400+ members, including 25+ EU regions and 30+ national associations, the organization covers the entire value chain of the European hydrogen and fuel cell ecosystem.

The aim of Hydrogen Europe is to drive global carbon neutrality by accelerating the European hydrogen industry.