We found “The Fountain of Youth”

The Proven
Anti-aging effect
of Hydrogen

Hydrogen Therapy has a proven antioxidant effect that significantly promotes the anti-aging of the body.

Here you will find interesting details and facts about the undeniable rejuvenating properties of hydrogen, as well as what is the essential difference between the concepts of “aging” and “getting old”.

Водородна Терапия против стареене (HHO Bulgaria / България)

What causes aging

Aging and getting old are not the same thing! Getting older is an inevitable process due to the passage of time, while the second concept is related to the breakdown of cells, respectively – of body tissues and organs.

The not-so-pleasant outward signs of aging include: wrinkles, sagging skin, weight gain and many more…

Getting older by itself does not cause this!

All the unwanted manifestations of old age are the result of damage to body tissues due to the various oxidation processes in the body.

Organic acids, free radicals and toxins in the body cause damage to molecules in cells. This is actually the real reason our bodies age.

Free radicals

Free radicals have been scientifically proven to be the cause of premature aging of skin, causing collagen cells to bond inappropriately (called ‘collagen cross-linking’) and therefore break down over time. As the collagen and elastin in the dermis break down, the dermis becomes thinner, leaving the epidermis above it with less padding and causing wrinkles to form.

This is the main cause of premature aging of the skin.

In addition, сfree radicals are also associated with the onset of almost all known age-related diseases , including:

  • ☑ different types of Cancer;
  • ☑ Diabetes;
  • ☑ Asthma and COPD;
  • ☑ Alzheimer’s disease;
  • ☑ Arthritis;
  • ☑ Atherosclerosis;
  • ☑ many more…
Здрава, добре хидратирана клетка

healthy cell

Клетка атакувана от свободни радикали

cell attacked
by free radicals

Клетка с оксидативен стрес причинен от свободните радикали

oxidative stress caused by
free radicals

Как да забавим стареенето и да  подмладим тялото си

How to slow down aging?!

Molecular hydrogen has been scientifically proven to have antioxidant properties that help eliminate free radicals from the body. Thanks to this, additional regular intake of hydrogen prevents premature aging of the skin.

To date, over 1,600 scientific studies have shown that hydrogen also has a strong therapeutic effect, which has been proven to help fight many chronic diseases, helping the body to boost his metabolism and immune system!

Thousands of publications on the subject of “Hydrogen Therapy” and its undeniable benefits to human health have been published in a variety of media and trusted natural medicine platforms, including: Natural Medicine Journal, National Library of Medicine and Nature Research

HBS10 Hydrogen Therapy Device (HHO Bulgaria)

What is “Hydrogen Therapy”?

In essence, “Hydrogen Therapy” is an additional regular intake of hydrogen by drinking hydrogen-enriched water and/or inhaling hydrogen-oxygen gas (also known as “Brown gas” or “HHO gas”).

The so-called “Hydrogen water” is structured water saturated with hydrogen, which has been proven to hydrate the body up to 6 times faster than all other types of water (mineral, spring, tap, etc.).

Drinking Hydrogen Water can help neutralize organic acids in the body and eliminate free radicals. This water causes the stomach to produce bicarbonates, which are absorbed into the bloodstream, neutralizing the acids.

Even more effective is the direct inhalation of hydrogen, since in this way about 100 times more of it is taken.

Hydrogen Therapy Device

Studied at The Academy of Science
СЕ Certified

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The proven “Anti-aging” effect
of Hydrogen Therapy

Подмладяване без Скъпи и Болезнени козметични процедури

No expensive and painful cosmetic procedures!

Molecular hydrogen is a powerful antioxidant! In many different scientific publications and studies, it has been fully proven that it:

  • ☑ helps increase collagen production;
  • ☑ reduces damage caused by UV rays;
  • ☑ hydrates skin cells most effectively and quickly;
  • ☑ has an anti-inflammatory effect.

The hydrogen molecule is one of the smallest in the universe. Smaller molecular size leads to better penetration into cells. This, in turn, is why hydrogen is more effective at scavenging free radicals from your body than many other antioxidants.

This makes the hydrogen water intake and the inhalation of hydrogen a pleasant, safe and painless method by which you effectively prevent premature aging на of your body.

In addition, Hydrogen Therapy significantly improves skin health in patients with redness and inflammation.

that we have found “The Fountain of Youth”

The fastest and easiest way to prove the antioxidant effect of hydrogen:

Immerse a slice of apple or pear in a glass of hydrogen water, another in a glass of plain water, and a third leave exposed to the air. After just a few hours you will see the difference in the condition of each of the slices.

What is left to the action of the air darkens first, that is, oxidizes the fastest. The slice placed in the hydrogen-enriched water stays fresh the longest!

Доказателство за Подмладяващия (антиоксидантен) ефект на Водородната Терапия

Hydrogen Therapy
Main Benefits

Hydrogen Therapy » Main Benefits

Hydrogen Therapy:

  • ☑ Eliminates free radicals that cause premature aging and wrinkles;
  • ☑ Has an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect;
  • ☑ Helps for better hydration of the skin and body;
  • ☑ Soothes sensitive skin;
  • ☑ Helps to reduce fat deposits in the pores;
  • ☑ Removes toxins from the body and reduces acne problems;
  • ☑ Suitable for all ages;
  • ☑ Does not contain alcohol and other harmful to the body chemicals;
  • ☑ Has many other benefits…

Thanks to our Hydrogen Therapy Devices, you can now have the “best of both worlds” – an impressive look and strong health at the same time!

You can drink Hydrogen Water or do inhalations with Hydrogen to prevent aging and chronic diseases.

As well as better to hydrate your skin to keep it radiant and young, and to protect your body from many serious diseases.


The HBS10 produces a minimum of 450 milliliters of hydrogen gas per minute. This covers the internationally accepted standards for hydrogen inhalation therapy with hydrogen.

In a 30-minute hydrogen respiration procedure, the amount of hydrogen consumed is equal to the content that would dissolve in 18,000 glasses of water.

Two operating modes:

  • Hydrogen Water production
  • Hydrogen Breathing

☑ Avant-garde design;
☑ Stainless steel housing;
☑ Powder coated details.

Hydrogen Therapy Device

Studied at The Academy of Science
СЕ Certified

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