All products in our catalog have a standard warranty of 24 months.

For all items, we offer warranty extension or lifetime warranty service – under certain conditions.

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HHO Bulgaria guarantees that the goods it delivers to the user’s order have all the qualities that are mentioned in the presentation on the Internet and it is considered that the delivery of goods with these parameters has been agreed.  Immediately after receiving the goods, the client should check for inconsistencies according to Art. 122 of the PPE.  In the event that there are discrepancies, the client should make a written complaint about them in accordance with Article 125 of the PPE.

In the event of the appearance of hidden defects and omissions, a complaint should be made in writing, after their establishment within the period according to Art. 126 of the PPE, which begins to run from the day of receipt of the goods.  In case of incomplete delivery, HHO Bulgaria shall immediately deliver the missing products.  In other cases, HHO Bulgaria has the right to either repair the defective part or send a new product.

If a re-repair is not successful or the replacement delivery is again unsatisfactory, the customer is entitled to either a discount on the purchase price or to withdraw from the contract.

The warranty cannot be accepted for defects caused by its normal wear and tear, inappropriate use of the product or by the customer’s loading beyond normal, as well as non-observance of the instructions for use.

The customer  has the right within 14 working days, according to Article 55 of the PPE, to withdraw from the distance sales contract concluded with HHO Bulgaria.  This term begins to run from the day of receipt of the goods by the consumer, and the date of sending them back to HHO Bulgaria applies to compliance with the term.

In order to exercise the customer’s right according to Article 55 of the ZPA, the following conditions must be met – the customer must state in writing his desire to withdraw from the contract and specify a bank account in order to pay the amount already paid by him, comply with  the general conditions, that the integrity of the product’s factory packaging has not been violated, that the product has not been damaged or used, and that the customer has paid the transport or other costs for the return of the product.  The customer is responsible for the shipment and its documentation until it is received by the “Supplier”.

If the customer has returned the goods in time and in accordance with the general conditions for, HHO Bulgaria should return the already paid purchase price within 30 days without the costs incurred for additional services.

Sending goods to the service center is at the customer’s expense.  Goods that are returned, complaints and complaints are sent to the address Bulgaria, city of Varna, p.k.  9009, 253 Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd.


For more information and orders, call us: +359 878 21 78 10