Hydrogen Therapy in
Chemotherapy and
other Cancer Therapies

Hydrogen therapy prevents side effects caused by cancer treatment drugs

Chemotherapy, targeted therapy and immunotherapy are used against advanced non-small cell lung cancer. A clinically effective method for alleviating the unwanted side effects associated with these therapies is lacking. In this study, it was proven that inhaling hydrogen for up to 4-5 hours a day prevents the side effects that occur with traditional therapies.

Medical study on the benefits
of hydrogen therapy individually and combined with
traditional therapies

conducted in 58 patients with various forms of cancer

Cancer patients undergoing therapy
months of monitoring of the cancer patients
observation groups

The groups are formed according to the type of cancer therapy performed in the respective patients:
chemotherapy, targeted therapy, immunotherapy
and groups in which these therapies are mixed with hydrogen therapy.

The following
conclusions and results
were achieved
in the study:

In the combination therapy groups, most drug-induced adverse events gradually decreased or even disappeared!

Hydrogen inhalation has been discovered in the clinic for the first time and can be used to control tumor progression and alleviate adverse drug events for patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer.

With hydrogen therapy (intake of Hydrogen Water and/or Breathing of Hydrogen) no harmful side effects are observed, on the contrary – it effectively helps to restore the organs and cells affected during radiotherapy and/or chemotherapy more quickly.

Hydrogen inhalation is a new but very successful alternative therapy for cancer and numerous medical publications prove it beyond doubt.

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HBS10 is a hydrogen water and hydrogen inhalation apparatus that makes it easy toadminister hydrogen therapy at home.

The HBS10 produces a minimum of 450 milliliters of hydrogen gas per minute. This covers the internationally accepted standards for hydrogen inhalation therapy with hydrogen.

In a 30-minute hydrogen respiration procedure, the amount of hydrogen consumed is equal to the content that would dissolve in 18,000 glasses of water.

Two operating modes:

  • Hydrogen Water production
  • Hydrogen Breathing

☑ Avant-garde design;
☑ Stainless steel housing;
☑ Powder coated details.

Studied at The Academy of Science
СЕ Certified
Tested, Approved & Recommended by H2HUBB, USA

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Hydrogen helps
the human body
fight cancer

This statement was unequivocally proven
in another medical study conducted in 82 patients with various forms of cancer undergoing Hydrogen Therapy.

The following results were achieved:

  • 83%
    improved conditions in stage 3 cancer patients
  • 41,5%
    improved conditions in stage 4 cancer patients
  • 36,2%
    decrease in abnormal tumor markers

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Hydrogen breathing – the most effective method for hydrogen therapy

Hydrogen breathing is the method that provides us with the best hydrogen therapy. When hydrogen is inhaled, it enters the lungs, and from there directly into the blood and reaches every cell very quickly. When inhaled, about 100 times more hydrogen is taken in, than with hydrogen water.

There are international standards for hydrogen therapy. The standard for the minimum amount of hydrogen-oxygen gas taken in therapy to have a good effect is 120 to 240 milliliters of gas per minute.

By providing enough hydrogen, it stays in the blood as long as possible and thus manages to eliminate as many harmful free radicals as possible. Medical research has proven thatwhen hydrogen water is taken in the venous blood, hydrogen is not detected, and when hydrogen is breathed, hydrogen remains in the blood for up to 2 hours.

HBS10 Hydrogen Therapy Machine
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medical publications on hydrogen therapy in cancer treatment
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