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HHO Generator Antismog B1

HHO Generator Antismog B1 » A compact HHO generator for engine emissions reduction, fuel economy improvement, and maintenance cost control




HHO generator for purifying the harmful emissions, fuel economy


HHO Generator (HHO Bulgaria – Antismog B1) reduces your tailpipe emissions for your vehicle’s MOT test

Increases fuel efficiency

For all types of cars

DPF Cleaner Regenerator


Video guide for instalation


If you have an old car that does not meet modern environmental requirements, or it is a damaged DPF filter or catalyst the “HHOFrance-B1” is your decision.

If you install the HHOFrance-B1 on your vehicle your emission level will cover the Euro 5 and Euro 6 standard.

If you do not get the gear you need, you can get it back. We will only hold money for used materials such as cables, electrolytes, etc. We will refund you money for all products in the kit that have a good look and can be sold again.

FULL AUTO Plug-n-Play HHO GENERATOR for diesel and petrole engines up to 4000 cc.

For the first time in the world, a fully automatic Plug-n-Play HHO PWM controller for Hydrogen Generator.

Connect the HHO controller to a + 12V power supply and GND and to the hydrogen cell, supply a control plus 12V after a contact and it automatically adjusts the current in HHO cell.

– New software for fully automatic operation of the HHO Hydrogen Generator without the need for additional sensor installation or sensor signals from vehicle sensors.

– Automatic start after the driver contacts the vehicle.

– Adjust the maximum working current through 1A by jumping a jumper. Values 3A, 4A, 5A (8А option) .

– Automatic voltage test in the car’s electrical system. At startup of charging voltage from the alternator to the accumulator and reaching the level above 13.2 V, the contactor is switched on.

– When the vehicle’s electrical system is loaded due to many loads or alternator damage and the voltage falls below 12.8 V, the HHO controller disables the Brown Gas Generator.

– When the engine is switched off and the power generator is switched off, even if the ignition is not switched off, the HHO controller automatically turns off the Brown gas generator.

– Supply voltage 12V / 24V.

– Maximum working current 8A.

– Fixed maximum operating current regardless of heating and changes in hydrogen conductivity.

– A light indication indicating that the controller is prevented from reaching its set operating current due to problems in the operation of the hydrogen cell (a diluted or contaminated electrolyte) or a problem in the electrical connections.

– No installation of a relay for turning on or off the hydrogen generator.

– In the event of a breakdown in the power components of the HHO controller, a circuit breaker is automatically switched on and burnt a fuse.



1. Operating voltage – 10 -14.02 V

2. Load current – 1 to 8 A

3. Operation temperature – 10 to +50 degrees

4. Level gauge current consumption: – <10 mA

5. Electrolyte concentration (KOH) ? 10 %

6. Productivity up to 0,48 l/m of HHO gas.

7. Overall dimensions (mm): H=235 , R=70

8. Material

8.1.Casing – Steel 304

8.2. Electrodes – Steel 316L

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Standard Warranty

24 months