Hydrogen Therapy
in Lung Cancer Treatment

A new adjuvant therapy
in Lung Cancert

Lung cancer is the most common malignant tumor and the leading cause of cancer-related deaths worldwide.

Hydrogen has an antioxidant role that can selectively eliminate reactive oxygen species (ROS) or also called free radicals.

With regard to cancer, both increased and decreased ROS levels can disrupt redox homeostasis and lead to redox stress leading to cell damage and cancerous transformation.

Нова подпомагаща терапия при рак на белия дроб

Hydrogen suppresses progression of Lung Cancer

Водородът потиска прогресията на Рак на Белия Дроб

This finding indicates that hydrogen exerts its antitumor role by altering the intratumoral level of ROS.

In addition, hydrogen suppresses lung cancer progression by regulating the expression of structural maintenance of chromosomes 3 (SMC3), which is an important regulator of chromosome condensation.

In order to further investigate the mechanism of hydrogen in suppressing the progression of lung cancer, a medical study illustrated that hydrogen gas suppresses the progression of lung cancer by down-regulating CD47.

→ Link to the original medical study

Hydrogen in Chemotherapy and
other Cancer Therapies

Chemotherapy, targeted therapy and immunotherapy are used against advanced non-small cell lung cancer. There is no clinically effective method to alleviate the unwanted side effects associated with such therapies. The drugs that are used cause malaise, nausea, vomiting, confusion and other unwanted side effects.

A medical study has shown that hydrogen inhalation can be used to control tumor progression and alleviate adverse drug events in patients with advanced lung cancer.

Белодробен Рак
Водородът облекчава страничните от химиотерапията и другите ракови терапии

Hydrogen eases side effects of lung cancer drugs

It has been found that the combination of traditional drug treatment and hydrogen therapy, as an adjunctive therapy, removes the side effects of drugs used to treat cancer and they are reduced drastically or almost eliminated.

→ Link to the original medical study

Brain metastases disappear after Hydrogen Inhalation

Мозъчните метастази

Lung cancer is the most common type of tumor prone to contralateral lung, bone and brain metastases.

A medical publication reported on a 44-year-old woman diagnosed with multiple metastatic lung cancer in November 2015. Oral targeted drugs were initiated after removal of brain metastases, and most lesions remained stable for 28 months.

In the same woman, multiple intracranial metastases were noted in March 2018, as well as accumulation of hydrocephalus in the third ventricle and lateral ventricles and metastases in the bones, adrenal glands, liver.

The patient begins H2 Therapy by inhaling hydrogen. Hydrogen gas monotherapy started to control the tumor a month later. After 4 months, the size of the multiple brain tumors was significantly reduced, and the amount of hydrocephalus in the third ventricle and lateral ventricles was significantly reduced.

After 1 year, all brain tumors disappeared, and there were no significant changes in liver and lung metastases. These data show that after standard treatments have failed, monotherapy with hydrogen gas induces a significant effective fight against tumors (especially those in the brain) and survival time is prolonged.

→ Link to the original medical study

HBS10 Hydrogen Therapy Device (HHO Bulgaria)

HBS10 the latest Hydrogen Therapy device on the market

TYPE 2-in-1

  • for the production of Hydrogenated Water;
  • for Hydrogen Inhalation

Designed and manufactured in EU based on previous experience of over 10 years in the production of Hydrogen Equipment.

Studied at The Academy of Science,
СЕ Certified

Tested, Approved & Recommended

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What is
“Hydrogen Therapy”?

In essence, “Hydrogen Therapy” is an an additional regular intake of hydrogen by drinking hydrogen-enriched water and/or inhaling hydrogen-oxygen gas (also known as “Brown gas” or “HHO gas”).

The so-called “Hydrogen water” is structured water saturated with hydrogen, which has been proven to hydrate the body up to 6 times faster than all other types of water (mineral, spring, tap, etc.)

Drinking Hydrogen Water can help neutralize free radicals.

Even пmore effective is the direct inhalation of hydrogen, since in this way about 100 times more of it is taken.

Hydrogen Therapy
Main Benefits

Hydrogen Therapy » Main Benefits

The proven antioxidant effect
of Hydrogen Therapy

Free Radicals

Free radicals have been scientifically proven to disrupt redox homeostasis, leading to cellular redox stress.

This is precisely what causes cells to be damaged and become cancerous.

In short, for this reason free radicals are associated with the onset of almost all known age-related diseases , including:

  • ☑ different types of Cancer;
  • ☑ Diabetes;
  • ☑ Asthma and COPD;
  • ☑ Alzheimer’s disease;
  • ☑ Arthritis;
  • ☑ Atherosclerosis;
  • ☑ many more…
Здрава, добре хидратирана клетка

healthy cell

Клетка атакувана от свободни радикали

cell attacked
by free radicals

Клетка с оксидативен стрес причинен от свободните радикали

redox stress caused
by free radicals

Hundreds of scientific publications unequivocally show that hydrogen reverses this process and suppresses the progression of all types of cancer, thanks to its proven antioxidant properties.

More on the subject of „Hydrogen Therapy” and its undeniable benefits for human health can be found both on our website and in a variety of media and reliable platforms for natural medicine, including: Natural Medicine Journal, National Library of Medicine и Nature Research


The HBS10 produces a minimum of 450 milliliters of hydrogen gas per minute. This covers the internationally accepted standards for hydrogen inhalation therapy with hydrogen.

In a 30-minute hydrogen respiration procedure, the amount of hydrogen consumed is equal to the content that would dissolve in 18,000 glasses of water.

Two operating modes:

  • Hydrogen Water production
  • Hydrogen Breathing

☑ Avant-garde design;
☑ Stainless steel housing;
☑ Powder coated details.

Studied at The Academy of Science
СЕ Certified
Tested, Approved & Recommended by H2HUBB, USA

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