Jupiter Pure Hydrogen

Jupiter Pure Hydroen . The device is suitable for saturating water with hydrogen. Apparatus for the production of hydrogen water.



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Jupiter Pure Hydrogen

Jupiter pure hydrogen breathing machine is used to produce high purity hydrogen for Hydrogen therapy and health-care application.One detail application is active Hydrogen breath or inhalation and water saturation, which is helpful refresh and keep human body healthy.Active Hydrogen breath and inhalation is approved better effect for human body in Clinical Trials.

Jupiter hydrogen breathing machine adopt word leading PEM(proton exchange membrane) H2 generating technology which is the most advanced and healthy method.Thoughtful design for healthy improving and keeping.

Gas production: pure hydrogen 99,99%- 150 ml/min (standard is 120 ml/min.)

Gas production: Mixed gas Hydrogen+Oxygen -240 ml/min

PEM technology

Water – ultra pure distilled water

Size: H29/L26/W27 cm

Weight: 4,5 kg

Power: 2.3A/115VAC 1.1A/230VAC

Battery pack: 4S3P Li-ion 10,5Ah

Working time with battery up to 2,5h – 4-5 inhalation procedures.

Water tank: 1Liter

Working temperature: 3 – 35 degree celsium

Working pressure: 50 mbar max



  • CE LVD
  • Component certificates:
  • CE declaration for Medical Type Switching Power Supply
  • TUV Certificate
  • EMC Certificates
  • Rosh



  • Modern design
  • Color Touch screen display
  • One multifunction button
  • Multi language text menu
  • Interactive Multilanguage voice/sound information
  • WiFi
  • Available with any smart device via Access Point or WiFi Client
  • WIFI name and password selection menu, automatic network scanning
  • Interactive website with health information and health analyses
  • 2 working mode – Breathing and water saturation
  • Auto time mode or choice of time for breathing procedures
  • Two auto mode water saturation procedures
  • Timer in procedures – show time to end of procedures
  • Remainder for inhalation procedures
  • e-mail message with remainder for missed inhalation procedure
  • Voice and sound signalization at lower or higher water level
  • Voice and sound signalization for battery charging needs
  • Voice and sound signalization for every start and end of programs
  • Relaxing music function
  • Voice and sound signalization mute option
  • Clock: date and time
  • Water Level gauge
  • Battery indicator
  • Temperature indicator
  • Built-in clock and calendar, built-in 3V battery
  • Automatically adjusts the date and time from an NTP server on the Internet
  • Digital and graphical representation of screen and web interface data