H2 Electrolyzed Water’s Impact on HeLa CellsScientific Research

original title: Effect of electrolyzed water produced using carbon electrodes on HeLa cell proliferation


Kyoko Nakamura, Osamu Muraoka

DOI: 10.5582/bst.2017.01193



We developed electrolyzed water (EW) using carbon electrodes and investigated the ability of the developed EW to inhibit the proliferation of human cervical carcinoma HeLa cells. We observed that EW-containing media inhibited HeLa cell proliferation. Many very small black dots were produced in EW and these were associated with the inhibitory effect on the cell proliferation. Furthermore, the very small black dots that could inhibit cell proliferation were produced only at pH 3 to 3.5 of EW. Additional experiments showed that this inhibition of proliferation is reversible. These results suggest that the effect of EW on HeLa cells is cytostatic and not cytotoxic. Thus, our results indicate that the EW developed in this study may be used to inhibit cell proliretation.