H2-Enriched Water: Incubation Medium ModificationScientific Research

original title: Electrochemically Reduced Water: Modification of the Incubation Medium and Oxidative Activity


A Pogorelov, V Pogorelova, M Pogorelova

DOI: 10.1134/S0006350918010153



It has been shown that Dulbecco’s incubation medium prepared with electrochemically reduced water compensates for oxidative stress induced by hydrogen peroxide addition (H2O2, 0.2 mM) to the incubation medium. The incubation medium modified in this way does not affect the H2O2 induced apoptosis in an early mouse embryo. The embryonic cell in the experimental model of apoptosis shows the presence of characteristic morphological changes and decreased cell volume. These apoptosis-related changes were detected using laser-scanning microtomography.