H2 gas packaging extends chicken egg storageScientific Research

original title: Packaging with hydrogen gas modified atmosphere can extend chicken egg storage


Yueqiao Wang, Junjie Wang, Yong Kuang, Wenbiao Shen

DOI: 10.1002/jsfa.11431



Background: Although hydrogen gas (H2 ) has been widely used in industry and gradually used in medicine, it is less applied to agriculture, especially in modified atmosphere packing (MAP).

Results: During chicken egg storage, H2 MAP not only slowed down or delayed the reduction in antioxidant capacities, but also alleviated the deterioration of egg quality. The extent of micro-cracks in the eggshell was also negatively influenced by H2 , which might result in eggs being less vulnerable to microbes. The earlier results demonstrated that the H2 MAP-extended shelf life of chicken eggs might be caused by the responses of eggshell and re-establishment of redox homeostasis. According to the data collected from different provinces of China, cost-economics analysis further suggested that the increase in the extra cost caused by H2 was trivial compared with the original price of eggs.

Conclusion: Together, H2 MAP can prolong the shelf life of chicken eggs with the prospect of wider application. © 2021 Society of Chemical Industry.