H2 Generation for Cancer Gas-RadiotherapyScientific Research

original title: In vivo X-ray triggered catalysis of H2 generation for cancer synergistic gas-radiotherapy


Ying Wu, Lichao Su, Meng Yuan, Tao Chen, Jiamin Ye, Yifan Jiang, Jibin Song, Huanghao Yang

DOI: 10.1002/anie.202100002



To date, hydrogen (H2) therapy has received widespread attention. However, X-ray triggered sustainable H2-producing materials with controlled release for cancer treatment have not been reported. Herein, an X-ray triggered sustainable in situ H2 producing platform, Au NR-TiO2@ZnS:Cu,Co-A(Au-TiO2@ZnS), composed of Au-amorphous TiO2 nano-dumbbell-shaped heterostructure coated with long afterglow particles, was developed for cancer synergistic H2-radiotherapy. The mechanism of H2 production was verified by theoretical calculations and in vitro experiments. Changes in the apoptosis pathway caused by the synergistic effect of H2 and radiotherapy were reported. Guided by its excellent photoacoustic imaging capabilities, mice with orthotopic liver cancer achieved excellent therapeutic effects and low inflammatory side effects, suggesting that Au-TiO2@ZnS has promising application potential for cancer treatment and prognosis.