H2-Infused Nanoparticles for Cancer TherapyScientific Research

original title: Porphyrin-Palladium Hydride MOF Nanoparticles for Tumor-Targeted Photoacoustic Imaging-Guided Hydrogenothermal Therapy of Cancer


Gaoxin Zhou, Ying Shuai Wang, Zhaokui Jin, Penghe Zhao, Han Zhang, Yanyuan Wen, Qianjun He

DOI: 10.1039/C9NH00021F



Hydrogen molecule as important energy gas recently was discovered to have high value in the treatment of many diseases, while the current constraint is low efficacy of stable hydrogen storage and delivery. By virtue of strong hydrogen-binding and catalytic hydrogenation capacity of Pd, here we develop a nanoscale porphyrin-palladium metal-organic framework (Pd-MOF) with highly dispersive Pd atoms as hydrogen carrier to efficiently load highly reductive hydrogen for tumor-targeted photoacoustic imaging (PAI)-guided hydrogenothermal therapy of cancer. The hydrogenated Pd-MOF (PdH-MOF) exhibits high hydrogen loading capacity, sustained hydrogen release profile, high tumor targeting ability, high photothermal effect and excellent PAI performance. Utilizing these unique advantages of PdH-MOF nanoparticles, high efficacy of hydrogenothermal therapy has been achieved by tumor-targeted delivery and PAI-guided therapy and sustained release of high payload of highly reductive hydrogen. This work proposes a new strategy for hydrogen storage, activation, delivery and combined therapy by using MOF as a versatile platform.