H2-rich saline attenuates LPS-induced lung injury through ROS/AMPK/mTOR pathwayScientific Research

original title: Hydrogen-rich saline ameliorated LPS-induced acute lung injury via autophagy inhibition through the ROS/AMPK/mTOR pathway in mice


Yong Wang, Jinghua Zhang, Jinsong Bo, Xuefen Wang, Jingnan Zhu

DOI: 10.1177/1535370219847941



Impact statement: Acute lung injury (ALI), a common complication of many serious health issues, such as serious infection, burns, and shock, is one of the most common critical illnesses in clinical practice with a high mortality rate of 30-40%. There are still short of effective prevention and treatment measures. Evidence is growing that hydrogen-rich saline (HRS) may be an effective drug for the prevention and treatment of ALI. However, the mechanisms involved in have not been clearly understood. In this study, we investigated the underling mechanisms by focusing on autophagy regulation. The results showed that HRS ameliorated lipopolysaccharide-induced ALI in mice by inhibiting autophagy over-activation through ROS/AMPK/mTOR pathway. HRS may be a new therapeutic strategy for ALI prevention and treatment in the future.