H2 Water and Resistance Exercise in AthletesScientific Research

original title: The role of drinking hydrogen-rich water produced by alkaline stick on resistance exercise in athletes


Behrooz Moraadi, Ebrahim Saberi, Ali Hasani, Arash Montazer Saheb

DOI: 10.22034/HBB.2020.28



In the double-blind study, the effect of drinking Hydrogen-Rich Water (HRW) producing by alkaline stick and tap water (placebo) on 9 male athletes in resistance training during 24 h were studied, and Lactate Dehydrogenase (LDH), Creatine Kinase (CPK) and Lactic Acid (LAC) levels in their blood samples were tested. The decrease of LAC and LDH values in the HRW group compared with the placebo were significant. However, the changes of CPK was not significant in neither of the experience. The results show that once drinking HRW has the appropriate effect on LAC decrease, LDH decrease and the resulted tiredness in resistance exercise. Henceforth, it could improve sport efficiency in professional athletes.