Impact of H2 on Water Quality and BloodScientific Research

original title: Influence of redox potential of different water quality on the human blood


Oksana Matsiyevska

DOI: 10.15587/2312-8372.2017.93633



The problem of influence of redox potential of water on human blood is considered and some of research results in this area are given. Results of clinical experiments indicate a positive therapeutic effect of water consumption with the negative value of the redox potential. However, the influence of salt content of such water on the human body isn’t analyzed. Distilled, tap and natural mineral medical-table water «Polyana Kvasova» (Ukraine) are analyzed. Distilled water doesn’t have drinking water properties. The value of the total salt content of «Polyana Kvasova» mineral water far exceeds the standard value of allowable salt content in the water. Tap water (Lviv, Ukraine) is characterized by physiological full value of mineral composition. All water samples in accordance with pH value, except distilled water, meet drinking water quality indicators. The value of the redox potential is most favorable to the human body for «Polyana Kvasova» mineral water. The source water saturation with molecular hydrogen and activation in electric activator can reduce its redox potential for negative values. Change of the quality parameters for activated water (catholyte) indicates their non-compliance with drinking water indicators. Quality of hydrogen-saturated water hasn’t changed. Water consumption with negative redox potential improves blood condition of the experimenter compared to the reference Consumption of activated water (catholyte) has immunomodulatory effect rather than an antioxidant effect. The powerful antioxidant effect of hydrogen-saturated water is indicated. Blood state close to ideal is observed after consumption of natural mineral medical-table hydrogen-saturated water «Polyana Kvasova». Saturation of water with hydrogen can be considered as a method of improving drinking water quality and, thus, human health.