HBS10 H Professional Hydrogen Therapy Equipment



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Professional Equipment for
Hydrogen Therapy

HBS10 H is a Hydrogen Therapy Device, developed for conducting rehabilitation procedures in therapeutic centers, based on our Top Health Device – HBS10.

The HBS10 H has been specially modified and further equipped to successfully perform inhalation procedures in medical centers and other healthcare facilities.

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H2 Therapy Device
of the 2-in-1 type

Inhalations with Hydrogen 450 mL HHO gas per minute

Hydrogen Water –250mV ORP

A WiFi logger is integrated into the device, which allows monitoring via the Internet in order to assist operators in case of difficulties in their work.

All manipulations with the device are recorded in internal memory and simultaneously transmitted to a server for full monitoring of work sessions and monitoring of technical parameters.

The HBS10 H is equipped with a special transport case that protects it from transport damage when being sent and received for servicing.

A system has been developed for quick replacement and transport to the service center for service and breakdowns, which allows a response by the beginning of the “next working day”.

The HBS10 H hydrogen therapy machine is insured by a leading insurance company for various operational risks, which guarantees a stable business model of the activity.

Hydrogen Therapy

    • Apparatus HBS10 H;
    • User guide;
    • Electrolyte KOH;
    • Suitcase for safe transport of the device over long distances;
    • For daily maintenance of the device: funnel, measuring cup and syringe for dosing when adjusting the water level;

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Compact stainless steel design;

Mobile and easily portable on wheels without the need to lift;

Productivity: 450 ml. gas/minute
= 66.67% Н2 and 33.33% О2;

Timer for procedures lasting 20, 30 and 45 minutes;

Measurement: H30/L19/W20 cm.;
Weight: 6.5 kg.;

and Security


☑ Sound and light signals during operation;
☑ Electronic cell level meter;
☑ START lock at low level;
☑ Water filter for gas purification and humidification;
☑ Visual control of the level in the water filter;
☑ IP 65 certified power module – completely safe in contact with water;
☑ Replacement of the device in case of damage within 24 hours, possible thanks to the case for protected transportation.

HBS10 Drawing

Quality guarantee

Studied at The Academy of Science, СЕ Certified

Studied at BAS
CE certified

Proudly made in the EU, the result of over 10 years of experience

Произведен с гордост в България

based on over
10 years experience

in the production and development of
Hydrogen Technologies

Tested, Approved & Recommended by H2HUBB, USA

Tested, Approved and Recommended by

Every device is tested
for performance and safety;

Researched and certified by BAS
for purity of produced gas;

Tested and recommended


CE certificates
for the input materials;

Power module certified by:

СЕ Declaration
EMC Certificate
IP 65

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System for Remote Monitoring of Consumption

Based on the analyzed data and experience from the pilot project, our team proposes to develop a project to secure European funding for the implementation of complex equipment for hydrogen therapy based on the HBS10 technology.

To illustrate to our partners the model of the pilot project proposed here, in DKC1 “St. Clementina” in the city of Varna, we have opened a demonstration center for hydrogen therapy.

You can familiarize yourself with the monitoring of the activity being carried out in real time at:

→ www.mydatalogger.eu

Username: hbs10
Password: hbs10

For more information on
complex equipment and hydrogen therapy:
Contact us +359 878 21 78 10


+359 878 21 78 10

Important facts about Hydrogen Therapy

Hydrogen inhalation therapy – an official medical treatment in Japan.

As of December 1, 2016, the “Japanese Ministry of Health” has approved hydrogen inhalation treatment as an official “B51” medical treatment. Today, more than 500 hospitals in Japan use hydrogen breathing as therapy.

Hydrogen inhalation has been introduced in ambulances in Japan, for the purpose of providing emergency medical care. Cerebral infarction or myocardial infarction are conditions in which blood vessels are blocked and blood is not supplied to the brain.

In such a case, a huge amount of oxygen is supplied to the patient. This leads to the formation of a huge amount of free radicals that kill the cells. Treating a brain infarction requires lowering the brain’s temperature and preventing cell destruction. At such a moment, the emergency patient is given hydrogen, which eliminates the huge amount of free radicals and helps the cells not to be destroyed.

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Documents issued by the “Ministry of Health” of the Republic of Bulgaria for the application of hydrogen therapy

At the beginning of March 2020 the Bulgarian “Ministry of Health”, through the RZI in the cities, distributed recommendations of the “World Health Organization”, in which a “Protocol for the treatment of the new corona virus infection” is recommended.

It states that patients should be given oxygen therapy and, where possible, hydrogen-oxygen gas therapy. Unfortunately, no hospital in Bulgaria has hydrogen therapy devices. That is why doctors in Bulgaria, who have not read this instruction of the “Ministry of Health”, do not recommend hydrogen therapy.

→ Link to a document of the “Ministry of Health” of the Republic of Bulgaria

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complex equipment and hydrogen therapy:
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