H2’s Impact on CoQ in Rats’ Plasma, Myocardial Tissue, and MitochondriaScientific Research

original title: Effect of molecular hydrogen on coenzyme Q in plasma, myocardial tissue and mitochondria of rats


Jarmila Kucharska, Anna Gvozdjakova, Branislav Kura, Zuzana Rausova, Jan Slezak

DOI: 10.15406/jnhfe.2018.08.00296



Beneficial effects of molecular hydrogen (H2) in various experimental models of human diseases and in many clinical studies was documented. H2 can be administered by various ways, as a gas inhalation, drinking of H2-enriched water, or taking a H2-dissolved bath as well as in saline infusions. As antioxidant selectively scavenges hydroxyl and peroxynitrite radicals, decreases oxidative stress. However, theH2 effect on antioxidant–coenzyme Q information is lacking. This pilot study found protective effects of H2 on coenzyme Q9 in plasma, myocardial tissues and mitochondria of rats. Our results can contribute to the explanation of a new beneficial mechanism of H2 on a part of antioxidant protection in organism.